The CRE-CP is a five year project funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council that aims to improve the health and well-being of all people affected by cerebral palsy and their families. Leading researchers, clinicians and allied health professionals are joining forces with parents, carers and persons with cerebral palsy in a concerted effort to bring about change in the management and treatment of cerebral palsy.

KT Fellowship update: Dyskinesia

As part of her Fellowship Dr Kirsty Stewart has developed a toolkit of existing reliable and valid tools to comprehensively identify and classify dyskinesia, and measure its severity and impact. The toolkit is being printed and we are now facilitating workshops across Australia and New Zealand.

25 Jul 2017


Videos: Cerebral Palsy Education Events

The CRE-CP is pleased to have recorded a number of sessions in partnership with the AusACPDM at the recent Cerebral Palsy Education events in Melbourne. Videos of select presentations are now available for free viewing.

6 Jun 2017


New podcast: Dyskinetic cerebral palsy

New episode now out: Dyskinetic cerebral palsy by Dr Adrienne Harvey.

30 Mar 2017


CP FACTS Podcasts

If you missed CP FACTS you can now access the podcasts!

7 Mar 2017


KT Fellowship update: Early Detection & Diagnosis

The Knowledge Transfer Fellowship in Early Detection and Diagnosis has a number of progress updates to share

8 Nov 2016