CP FACTS Podcasts

This year’s CP FACTS was held together with the Cerebral Palsy Support Network on Saturday 18 March and we are excited about the program – we have excellent speakers and exhibitors attending to discuss recreation options, ways to seek employment, ideas for engaging in your local community and much more.

But it wasn’t just all about the seminars. In the foyer, families and individuals interacted with a number of well-known disability organisations who were exhibiting on the day. The sound coming from the games and sports room echoed throughout the venue, with Music Therapy striking a chord with many and M-Power, 7-a-side football and Boccia sparking some fierce competition. Thank you again to all who attended. We hope you found it to be an informative, relevant and enjoyable event.

If you missed out on attending you can access the podcasts for the seminars here.


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