Videos: Cerebral Palsy Education Week
Read more The CRE-CP is pleased to have recorded a number of sessions in partnership with the AusACPDM at the recent Cerebral Palsy Education events in Melbourne. Videos of select presentations from P3M: Participation Motives, Measures and Methods, the Dyskinesia Research Symposium and the CRE-CP Symposium: the early cerebral palsy journey are now available for free viewing.
CP FACTS 2017. 18 March 2017

Read moreThe CRE-CP, together with the Cerebral Palsy Support Network is once again delivering CP FACTS; a family event designed to provide credible information related to cerebral palsy for children and adults with cerebral palsy and their families. The half day event will provide seminars from a range of speakers and exhibits from various service and support providers, and fun activities for all abilities to try.

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The CRE-CP Education Program includes a range of seminars and webinars on various topics related to cerebral palsy, providing up to date information for parents and carers, researchers, health professionals and anyone involved in the management or care of cerebral palsy. 

Read moreMost of the Educational seminars are recorded and made available as audio podcasts. Podcasts are released on a regular basis and cover topics that are related to cerebral palsy, as well as practical advice for researchers to help progress their career.