The CRE-CP is implementing a number of programs and initiatives that are designed to incorporate our core values into every aspect of the overall research program, focusing on stakeholder contributions.

Knowledge Transfer Fellowships
Read more Four Knowledge Transfer Fellowships are underway to progress the application of new and established evidence related to cerebral palsy into practice.
Community Involvement
Read more A variety of projects within the CRE-CP are seeking input from parents, carers or people with disability, to work closely with researchers and ensure outcomes are meaningful and relevant.
Continuing Education Scholarships
Read more Scholarships that enable individuals to present their evidence-based work at international or national conferences, in order to support exchange of knowledge about cerebral palsy.
Top-up Scholarships
Read more Top-up scholarships valued at $5,000 p.a. to support PhD students who are currently pursuing research in cerebral palsy. Applications now open for 2018.
Future Leaders of Research
Read more A bespoke program designed to equip researchers with knowledge and experience that will support them in becoming leaders in their field, and make valuable contributions to cerebral palsy research.