The CRE-CP will undertake a research program with the dual goals of improving the surveillance of all children with cerebral palsy across the country, and increasing evidence about the effectiveness of various interventions. Improvements in quality of life, participation and cost-effectiveness for the child and their family will be considered in all research studies, in addition to functional outcomes.

Research Projects
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A range of clinical trials, systematic reviews and intervention studies, broadly divided into three streams; Allied Health, Medical and Surgical Interventions, and Mental Health and Participation.

PhD Projects
Read more The CRE-CP will be awarding a number of Scholarships over the course of the program, with projects available in diverse areas including intervention research, outcome measures, economics and policy.

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The CRE-CP would be delighted to discuss the alignment of existing or planned cerebral palsy research projects that are in line with the CRE-CPs goals and objectives.