Allied Health

Upper limb orthoses; a randomised trial investigating if rigid upper limb orthoses prevent or reduce the development of hand and wrist contracture? Read more
Saliva control: Studies evaluating the effectiveness of common treatments for saliva control problems. Read more 

Hip surveillance: Implementation of a formal, state-wide hip surveillance program for children with cerebral palsy. Read more

Bike skills training for children with cerebral palsy. Read more
Visual abilities in children with cerebral palsy. Read more

Medical & Surgical Interventions

Dyskinesia: A research program on managing dyskinesia in children with cerebral palsy Read more
Gabapentin: A pilot study of gabapentin for managing pain in children with dystonic cerebral palsy Read more
CP-HIP; a randomised trial evaluating soft tissue surgery versus bony surgery in the management of displaced hips.

Mental Health & Participation

Quality of life: Development of new clinical quality of life measurement tools; for children and for parents or carers
Parent and carer support: Improve outcomes and support available for parents and carers of children with disability Read more
Participation research stream; optimising participation outcomes for people with cerebral palsy across the life span (Multiple PhD available). Read more

Young adult research program designed to help adolescents achieve their personal and community aspirations