The CRE-CP aims to provide informative resources and training materials for both health professionals and parents or carers. This section will houseĀ guidance on the incorporation of health economics and quality of life measures in research, and information flyers on aspects of cerebral palsy as they are published.

Cerebral Palsy Information
Read more A major outcome of the CRE-CP will be published information flyers on a range of topics associated with cerebral palsy. These will provide valuable information and will be posted here as they are finalised throughout the course of the projects.
Health Economics
Read more The health economics component of the CRE-CP will assess the best way of using available resources to optimise health outcomes for children and their families
Quality of Life
Read more

Incorporating Quality of Life outcome measures within research projects is a complex but valuable activity. This page housesĀ guidelines and useful tips to assist with choosing the correct measures.